Thursday, 17 July 2008

This LP was released in 1957 on Folkways:
Charlews M. Bogert supposedly has a website, but it was nowhere ot be found when I tried it. I found the link to that site on this site, which is completely dedicated to frogs. They have a list of frog sounds in different languages:
Afrikaans: kwaak-kwaak
Arabic (Algeria): gar gar
Catalan: cru�-cru�
Chinese (Mandarin): guo guo
Dutch: kwak kwak
English (USA): ribbit
English (GB): croak
Finnish: kvak kvak
French: coa-coa
German: quaak, quaak
Hebrew: kwa kwa
Hungarian: bre-ke-ke
Italian: cra cra
Japanese: kerokero
Korean: gae-gool-gae-gool
Russian: kva-kva
Spanish (Spain): cru�-cru�
Spanish (Argentina): berp
Spanish (Peru): croac, croac
Swedish: kvack
Thai: ob ob (with high tone)
Turkish: vrak vrak
Ukrainian: kwa-kwa

In Dutch a frog says ”kwaak”, just like in Afrikaans. I always liked the fact that the frog, as an important esoteric symbol says ”’k waak, ‘k waak!”
The LP has been re-issued on CD, but I heard that more than half of the frogs that can be heard in these recordings have become extinct in the years between LP and CD.
It is a great LP, even if you have no interest in the sounds of frogs and what these sounds mean. Here is an excerpt: