NV Groep 65

Sunday, 13 July 2008

One of the best beat bands that Holland had in the sixties, is without doubt NV Groep 65. They had only two 45’s out: “Dank zij de Heer / Tanger” and “Pipe and you like it / Lost“. These records are very rare, and I only had the songs on sampler LP’s and cassettes. Untill Marthy Coumans released a 10 inch LP on his Grey Past Records label, with all the material that he could find of this legendary band. That are the four songs already mentioned, two alternative takes of two of these songs and two completely unknown songs.

The story behind the band and this LP is truly fascinating. It is told in a booklet that comes with the LP:

The idea that there are still at least 12 studio recordings and a complete movie of NV Groep 65 lost, is absurd. I count on Marthy to find all of it. Man, do I want to see that movie!
Here is my favourite track of the LP:



2009-03-05 08:02:06

I had a lot of fun, interest reading and the music,cool for that time.Where is Frits?


2009-03-05 11:07:12

How do you mean, where is frits? I am living in Amsterdam, if that is what you mean.


2009-05-07 02:04:02

this band; which i discovered at a now deceased blog (because of its deceased operator, r.i.p. dirk) blew my fucking mind away when i first heard it. til this day when i listen to their singles, it simply melts my brain and causes my jaw to drop and head to move in a swaying motion. N.V. GROEP ’65 is thee most underrated and unrecognized band from the netherlands. that film needs to reach the surface and be distributed! thanks for the booklet scans SHOWCASE!

Frits kerkhoff

2019-05-11 14:59:24

Look for the movie in Noorway dats al I know that a Norwegian film crew shot the movie that’s what I remember so the movie must exist byeee