Herman's demo's

Saturday, 19 July 2008

I don’t do requests. Unless it is a request for something that I have promised and not shared with you yet. Like the demo recordings of Herman van Veen, which I mentioned here. Rene Westerveen wanted to hear them, despite my explicit warnings. So, here is one:

And here is the other one:

This is why i don’t do requests: you cannot please everybody if you please one person only. I mean, this blog is read by thousands and thousands of people, and apart from Rene Westerveen nobody cares about such demo’s.


René W.

2008-07-19 15:10:25

Thanks Frits!!! Well indeed I think there’s only ONE person that is pleased to hear this S**T, and that’s not me! But I know him! I prefer the DOGS!! Kind regards: René