Soul part 2

Friday, 25 July 2008

The idea that I mentioned yesterday, means that our physical existence, including our mental functions, is a temporarily one. While our inner existence, or rather our inner world, is eternal. We will forever and ever exist “there”, while we exist “here” only a life time.
The inner world and the outer world are not very different. Just like the world of our nightly dreams is very much like our everyday life: we have more or less the same body and thoughts and feelings, we meet more and less the same people, the same places, etcetera. It will be very difficult to tell the difference if we have no longer a body that enables us to experience both worlds! When we die, we are stuck in our own dream, without any idea that we are the dreamer. It seems that if you want to wake up from your dream, you have far more chance to do it here&now than “there”. Because “there” you are on your own, there is no help, no others.
Of course, even here&now it is very difficult to wake up. The reality that we experience in the body is a reflection of our inner world. You have to be very aware to find out what is truly coming from “outside”, that is to say: from others that know what the truth is.
I have a life long interest in these subjects, and when eight years ago I realized that Life was totally different from what I had thought all the years before this wonderful moment, I also realized that there is no way to explain this to others. I tried, because I wanted my friends to know it too. But after a while I gave up. Also because I had far more questions that answers. Most people whose books had been my main source of inspiration, didn’t have answers either. I now think that there are not much answers: we all have our own private inner reality, and it is completely our own creation. And there is this shared here&now reality, that looks very much like our inner reality, but that is the consensus of all it’s inhabitants inner worlds.
This idea also explains why so many people claim to have real experiences that others cannot understand: they are real, but only for that person, and only “inside”. It is very difficult to tell where “inside” ends and “outside” begins. On the other hand it is simple: your inner world ends where I can’t see it, and my inner world ends where you cannot see it. And this here&now reality, which I prefer to call the “temporarily shared reality”, is what we both can see.
Here is another random record from the Hall of Records. It is “Love don’t come no stronger” by Jeff Perry.