Bert & Ernie

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

My brother Rudi has made full colour versions of five of the TypeFaces. He is now trying to get them published as postcards. I am very glad that he is doing all this work, because I have proven that my commercial talents are limited. And, like I said a few days ago, I find little pleasure in this part of the creative process.
While talking with Rudi about these new TypeFaces, I had the idea that they could be made into a low budget animation series. I wrote a little concept of the idea and gave it to somebody who has a small video production company, and who also is the father of our daughter’s girlfriend. I don’t expect too much of it, but you never know.
The idea is to start the animations with my filming hand while I write a name, let’s say Bert&Ernie. When the writing is finished, the camera zooms in on the names:
Next the letters morph into this:
And then the letters begin to move and grow until you get this:
Meanwhile a Bert&Ernie song is playing, and just when that ends, the black&white TypeFace changes into the coloured version that Rudi made of it:
I can imagine that a series of such one-minute-animations might be interesting for television. But again, I don’t expect too much of it. I have had better ideas, and most of them never got anywhere.
Here is the Dutch punk band Frites Modern with their version of the Dutch Sesamstraat theme. They originally released in on cassette tape, called 6Met, with five other songs. I have no idea hat happened to the cover, but I am happy that I still have the tape.