Dutch esoterics

Saturday, 29 March 2008

There are many relations between records and esoterics. Sometimes I think that the possibilities of relations between records and esoterics are infinite. Everybody with an interest in both subjects seems to come up with a complete new way of connecting ideas about how Life works with music. The obvious way of combining esoterics with records, is singing songs about one’s insights and ideas. I have not written much about this territory, but I have written even less about all the other territories in which strange, amazing and often beautiful crossovers are made between these two subjects.
Often, when I love a record, a painting or a movie, it turns out that the artist has some esoteric background too. A good example is the flexi record by Hans Wesseling, about whom Marco Kalnenek found a PDF file of an article in Bres. The file ca be downloaded from the website about Hans Wesseling, that is under construction.
I didn’t know anything about Hans Wesseling, and I expected a bit that this flexi was his only claim to fame. But the man seemed to have been a very inspired and inspiring person, to say the least. Please read the article, if you have the time and can read Dutch.
In Holland esoterics are regarded as complete nonsense by most people that are in important positions in media, science, politics and art. There are many persons who dedicated their entire life to the pursuit of (more) insight, but who are in every publication referred to as a painter, scientist or whatever they did for a living. It is clear to me that these people saw themselves first of all as a searcher, and their work was more the off spin of the real thing that they were after. For many people their true interest is seen as a flaw in their mental make-up, that is better left unmentioned or not taken serious. So in publications about such persons, the most important parts are usually left out. But fortunately, as we all know, the writers of history books are not the people who write history.
As far as I know, there is not yet a book written about the people who played a role in the Dutch esoteric scene. Simon Vinkenoog wrote a lot about all this, and there are some others who wrote articles, but I mean a more or less complete oversight of all the people who where inspired and inspiring by the Mystery of Life. Like Hans Wesseling.
Or Anton Heyboer. He made an LP in which he tried to verbalise his deep insights in Life. Recently a book was published in which these ideas are also expressed, and not only his paintings. I hope that this book is the beginning of a new way of dealing with the esoteric side of artists, scientists, and other people.
Here is a track from the LP by Anton Heyboer:



2008-03-30 03:29:19

Interesting article. The compilation you made about it (more or less) is among my very favorite CD’s. It was a real eye opener for me. I’m glad you’re finding more of this (Hans Wesseling).