Gretsch vs Strat

Monday, 24 March 2008

Leo Schelvis,the owner of the record store Forever changes, that I used to visit frequently and still miss, although it is gone for several years now, once gave me a copy of a British magazine for lovers of instrumental music, Pipeline.
It was issue 45, which featured an article written by Roberto Pistolesi (why did he get that name, and do I have to spend my life as Frits Jonker ?!). Here it is:

I am not particularly interested in what guitars are used for what recordings, but I like the fact that there are people spending half their life trying to figure such things out. And I do not like the fact that there are so much nonsense and lies going around about almost any subject. And mind you, we are not talking about Skull&Bones or 9-11 here, but about the type of guitars used on rock’n’roll records!
Here are not The Shadows, because I have no real relation with their records, but a 45 by a band called The Skadows, with an 80’s version of Apache.