Thursday, 6 March 2008

The fact that I suffer from severe attacks of unrecognised geniusism and that I lay awake day and night because my 90% of my work does not get published, doesn’t mean that I get no help from people who also think that my work is worth more than ending up in corners of the Internet where nobody bothers to take a look. Last week my brother Rudi offered me to help with my TypeFaces.
My brother is learning how to use the computer for editing illustrations, and within a short period he has become pretty good at this. And he has many other talents that I lack. One of the things he often tells me is that I never finish whatever I make. Like the TypeFaces for example. I have no idea what to add to what they are now (here). But it is clear that at least a part of the lack of success comes from the way things are presented. So, I gave Rudi one of my favourite TypeFaces and asked him to make something out of it that might raise some more interest. Here is the result:
Rudi also came up with the brilliant idea to write the names beneath the Typefaces with the same letters as used in the illustration:
To my surprise I discovered that some people didn’t get the concept, and this is indeed a nice way to explain it. The idea is to re-make four TypeFaces of famous persons and to get them published as postcards. To be continued!
For today’s soundtrack I choose a song from the Batman LP that Sun Ra did in 1966. I have a limited edition re-issue of this LP on Magic City Records. On the label the artist is called Sonny Blount, and the title of the LP is here The jazzy garage vault vol. 1, so I don’t think you can order this LP anywhere, if you know what i mean. Which is a pity, because thre are some exciting tracks on this mysterious LP. In stead of explaining the whereabouts of this LP in my own words, I have scanned the text on the back of the cover:
Here is the title song from this amazing LP:



2008-03-06 02:38:56

It would be funny to see if, without adding the names under the typefaces, the images would fall outside copyright laws.


2008-03-06 11:26:29

that Sun Ra lp is also rereleased as a picture disk on Universe Records in 2001, i think it’s still availlable