Tom Smith

Thursday, 20 March 2008

It is impossible to keep track of any musical genre, but trying to hear all the songs that are made about computers and Internet related topics is completely hopeless. Most of these songs are not on CD’s and can only be downloaded from blogs, or recorded from YouTube and MySpace. I do that every now and then and when I have enough interesting material, I burn a CDr. I am not allowed to play these over the family stereo set, because most of the music is not what might be called family friendly. But I don’t mind people singing off key or playing their instrument out of tune, as long as they sing about interesting subjects. Like computers or the Internet!
Songs about computers, the Internet, e-mail, mp3’s, blogging, etcetera are from a different era than vinyl records. Maybe one or two of such songs end up on a obscure LP one day, but most of this stuff only exists as mp3’s. I have little or no relation to mp3’s. The idea that so many buy these in stead of real CD’s still seems ridiculous to me. I want a vinyl record, or at least a real CD, with optimum sound quality, not a 128kbs file. Mp3’s are for checking out if something is worth buying, and occasionally for making a compilation like the one I did last night.
Here is a song that Tom Smith posted on his beautiful blog: