Splogman and fishing hooks

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

When we visited friends some days ago, they surprised me with a visit to a new store in the place where they live. They know my passion for cheap warehouses like Action, so they took me to the Max. It is a store that sells old stock of other stores, probably what is left over after they went bankrupt. Very interesting!
It was pretty big, so I spend half an hour watching stuff that I didn’t need, didn’t like or didn’t understand. Old paint in wrong colours, cheap eighties furniture, clothes that were already difficult to sell when they where new, and much much more.
Among the things that I bought were some fishing utensils. I haven’t fished since my late teens, but this stuff was beautiful designed and it didn’t cost half what we had to pay for parking the car.

For today’s soundtrack I choose a podcast that Jan Turkenburg a.k.a. Splogman made recently. He called it ”Splogman’s psychedelic circus parade” and I liked it very much. Jan is al over the Internet, but you can find his blog and that podcast here.
And if you want some of the fishing hooks, make me an offer I can’t refuse.