Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Bob George



2008-03-05 02:16:25

Do you have any sources for the story about that re-recorded ‘Black Album’? I have never come across any references to it and actually I don’t think it exists (until you prove me wrong of course).


2008-03-05 04:37:48

I can imagine it’s tedious work to restore comic pages from older inferior prints. When it’s done badly it canb really kill the original art. Like the book on EC artist Bernie Krigstein. I would prefer un-altered reproductions from the comics with all the pulpy grain, discoloring etc included than some bleached, washed out version.


2008-03-05 15:09:41

It was in the newspaper. I had the article cut out, but i don’t think i still have it. I remember that it was made in Italy. Could be nonsense, but there are far weirder projects.