Geoff Smith

Sunday, 20 May 2007

I am a fan of Adam Curry’s podcast the Daily Source Code. He makes about four episodes a week and I have been listening to the show since episode 200. Adam Curry was one of the people who came up with the idea of podcasting and he now runs companies like the Podsafe Music Network. If you don’t already know about all this, you are probably not into podcasts, so I will spare you the details.
I have been listening to Adam Curry ever since he started doing radio, more than 25 years ago. First with radio Decibel, an Amsterdam pirate radio station, and later with radio Veronica. There he did a show with Jeroen van Inkel, which was very popular. It was broadcasted every Friday night and I used to listen to it as much as possible. Adam Curry IS radio. Or at least a certain type of radio.
What I like about him is his honesty and how he manages to combine a millionaire life style with a punk mentality. We have little in common and that makes it interesting for me to listen to him. Despite his musical taste (eighties, poppy hardrock, cowbells!), his geeky love for gadgets, and his passions or porn and pot, and his obsession with his hairdo, he more than once inspired me to change things in my own life. And most of all I admire him for his genuine lust-for-life.
In his DSC he plays many jingles and tunes. Most of these are made by Geoff Smith. It always helps when you hear the same tune over and over, but I really think that Geoff Smith makes some of the best ear catchers of this moment. (As if I know what is being produced in this field! Pfff.)
I don’t think you can buy a CD of Geoff Smith anywhere yet, but you can download some of his songs through the Podsafe Music Network.
Recently Geoff Smith made a song about the code that enables people to copy the new HD-DVD’s. There was a lot to do on the site Digg about this code, as you probably know. Supposedly it is illegal to even mention the code, so what Geoff Smith did is something which I find very funny. And a good song too!