Tombstone blues

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Every now and then I get requests from people that I trade with to make a sex compilation. Without doing any special effort I have collected more than enough erotica to fill a few CD’s, but it is not really a musical genre that excites me. Sex and music seem not to go together very well. But, of course, there are a few exceptions.
One such exception is a song by The Bob Freedman Orchestra, and that I have on an LP that is volume 5 in a series called Rock and Roll, the untold story.
One side of the LP is named the Strip Side. The ten songs do indeed have the sound and atmosphere that evokes associations with cheap nightclubs and bars where you won’t find me. Billy Boyd, Perez Prado, The Monorays and Sarah Vaughan and six others acts make this side alone worth the money. Nice pictures on the back of the sleeve too, by the way.
But it is the other side that makes me write this story. This side is called the Smooch Side ( …or how romance leads to murder! ) and there are two songs in particular that have my interest. Ed’s Place by Horace Heller showed up later on several other compilations, but I heard it here for the first time. In 1995 that was. I have no particular interest in murderers and serial killers, but I do collect songs about them.
More about this in a later part of this Soundtrack.
The other track on this LP that I love is the song by Bob Freedman, Tombstone blues. The combination of the lazy beat, the absurd conversation and the explicit sex in this song is very rare in my record collection. And it is funny too! How many records do you know that are funny, erotic and good at the same time?!
I must admit that halfway the song I begin missing the point somewhat; what does the monkey do in the background? Or is she having sex with a monkey? And where does this record come from?