The Lost Lovers

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

A monument within the Dutch comic scene is the magazine Zone 5300. It is entirely made by volunteers, who all deserve a medal. But the magazine would never exist without Tonio van Vugt, the chief editor.
I do some writing for Zone 5300, so I have contact with Tonio every now and then. That is painful, because Tonio and I have a big problem. Or actually, Tonio has a big problem: he is a fan of the British band The Stranglers.
I never liked the band in the seventies (or was it the eighties?) and I don’t like them even less now. I never was into Britpop anyway. The records and CD’s that I bought in this genre fit in one shoebox and I never open it. ??*The Stranglers*??…!!! I forgive my friends easily. For beating their children or parents, for damaging my precious books, for believing weird ideas… I can accept pretty much from other people. But man, you can’t come away with openly saying that you like The Stranglers! I even once saw Tonio wearing a T-shirt of that band!
Tonio is the singer and guitarist of a band, The Lost Lovers. The other musicians are Mark van Lochem, Arjan van der Sman and Arie van der Sman. I have never seen them on stage, but I do have some tapes and demo CD’s. To my surprise I really like the music of The Lost Lovers! Last week I received their latest demo, with four new songs. Their Britpop influences are clearly audible and I am surprised that my teeth don’t fall out when I play this demo. And I have played it many times in the past few days!
If you want The Lost Lovers to play on your wedding-party, tell them they suck, or order their demo-CD, you can find them here .
Here is the killer track of the demo, Vox populi(Times like these).


Tonio van Vugt

2007-09-16 04:39:48

I have been seen in many things, but never in a Stranglers T-shirt! ;-)
See ya!
:-) Tonio