Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Among the many little pleasures that I get from collecting music, are the little stickers that sometimes can be found on records. You have to be careful when you try to peel them off; it can easily damage the record or the sticker. So I use special solving liquids and/or a hair dryer. I have never seen such a collection on the Internet (though I expect that there will be more people collecting this stuff?!), so I thought to show you mine. Here is part 1:
For today’s music I choose a track from an LP that I got from a friend, Tineke van Brederode. Since I started this Soundtrack of my life I get a lot of records and cassettes. But unfortunately they are not all as interesting as this LP:
There were only 300 copies made of this LP and the sleeve is hand made, signed by the author, Andrea Centazzo. It was released on Ictus Records, an Italian label. Maybe there was originally an explanation with the LP, but when I bought it all was left was the the record and the sleeve. There are seven compositions on the LP: all percussion instrumentals without a title. Most of the percusion is of the subtle kind, with bells and gongs and something that sounds like a glass marimba.
I had never heard of Andrea Centazzo, but after I got this LP I did a Google search and found out that he is a famous perciussionist and he has many CD’s out. There are several places on the Net where you can listen to pieces of his music.
The LP that I have was probably a soundtrack for a video with the same name, Tiare, which was released in 1986. Here is the wild part of the record, track two of side A.