Sasha Subota

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I like to listen to 60’s pop music from East European countries. And the 60’s lasted a lot longer there than they did here. In some countries even up to the late 80’s! There are some nice compilations made from music from-behind-the-iron-curtain, but there is still much to be discovered, I think.
Here is a track by Sasha Subota & his Ensemble, from an LP made in the USSR, made in the early seventies. Sasha Subota shares the LP with a singer named Georgi Perusovic, who operates in the Tom Jones sector. But I prefer the side that Sasha Subota filled with six lounge instrumentals. He plays a nice cover of Man with a water-melon by an artist named Hankock (I’m not making this up) but the best track is one of his own compositions, Avisa