3D Yin and Yang part 3

Thursday, 13 November 2008

I am still working on my Yin&Yang thing. When I made or discovered this 3D version of the Yin&Yang symbol seven years ago, I was mainly concerned with the esoteric meaning of the thing. But now I am more interested in the mathematical and physical meaning. It seems to me that this is a mathematical object, and I can hardly imagine that it has not yet been mentioned anywhere in a study. But how to find that out? And if it has been studied, what are the findings? I don’t know one single mathematician!
When I read about other peoples idea’s I like it when they hold nothing back. Fear of not being taken serious makes people holding back details of an idea or an experience. But you usually get what you try to prevent when you act from fear, and I have noticed that this happened people with great ideas, who didn’t tell the full story. On the other hand, people like Terence McKenna, who dared to publish even his most absurd thoughts, had a great impact on me. It were most often these ridiculous details that inspired me most or that really convinced me.
When I first made this three dimensional Yin&Yang thing I hoped that it would make me rich and fapous. But I couldn’t even convince my friends that this really meant anything at all, so I gave up that hope. I now just what to have the thing produced in a perfect way, and have it tested on it’s physical properties. As I have described in my paper edition of Showcase I think that it can rotate freely in water and that it’s resistance to water is so low that it might be of use I machines. That is only a vague idea, but I would love to have that tested and that should not be impossible.
And there is also the strange situation that I have never heard of this object. I find it almost scary that I might have been the first and only one to make a 3D version of one of the world’s most popular symbols.
Here are the latest (and probably the last) things I wrote on this subject:

Searching for info on the Yin&Yang symbol I stumbled upon many interesting things, although not what I looked for. Here is a Chinese talk, that is supposedly about the symbol. I like the sfx caused by low sound quality in combination with the (for me) strange language:



2008-11-13 06:46:28

By the way. Ever heard of Klein bottles? I think you might be interested. It’s a shape with “no distinct inner and outer sides” One way or another your 3d yin and yang thingies make make me think of them:
You can also buy them:
and then there’s this:


2008-11-13 11:28:52

Thanks for the comment. I can see why you made the connection. I like the links! I will let you know if something comes out of it. It is always good to know that there are others doing things that have no apparent use at all.