Do something pretty

Sunday, 30 November 2008

I wish I had more time to hang around on the Internet. But apart from the daily time that I spend on YouTube, my subscriptions to a handful of podcasts and blogs, and an occasional surf tour, I hardly get to see or read anything.

Recently I stumbled upon the blog called Do something pretty. It is made by a Dutch women named Marije, and she says that she likes ”music (indie pop), arthouse movies, trampolines, crafty stuff, frobelen, reading, bags and other things with little pockets, Gilmore girls and cool stuff in general.” The blog is a happy and merry little corner on the Internet, and even while I would never buy anything that Marije shows, I almost like everything she shows. She got taste!
One of Marije’s finds that I liked very much is “Cartonlandia”, made by Ana Serrano.

There is so much of everything on this planet that I even stopped buying books in which complete collections are shown and described. Like the Taschen Verlag books. They are absolutely great, but I don’t have the money or space for these books. The nice thing about the Internet is that it is free and takes no space. One day everything will be visible and audible on-line, but until that day people like Marije do a great job. Although she picks most of her items from the Internet already.

Another great find from Do Something Pretty are the pictures of Lego-restorations by Jan Vormann:

Reading ”Do something pretty” caused the neurons in my brain to make a connection with the memories that I have of Lynsey de Paul. She was a singer who had some hits in the early seventies and I fancied her quite a bit. The song that I liked most is “Won’t somebody dance with me”. I remember thinking how ridiculous it was that such a beautiful woman sang lyrics like this. Not having somebody to dance with, or even thinking that I made not have somebody to dance with, was a big issue in my life back then. And this song was the perfect soundtrack to my worries.

The male voice at the end of the song was always a bummer. The home made video that this song triggered in my teenage mind had me in the role as her saviour, not this middle-aged jerk with the stupid accent.
Unfortunately this song is not on YouTube. But I did find a video of another song that she did, ”Sugar me”:

And here is “Won’t somebody dance with me”: