Experiment (part 3)

Friday, 28 November 2008

The writing experiment, of which I showed the first few pages a few days ago, is not the first time I do this. The idea is to get better ideas out of my head. Or first into my head, and then later on paper. Or the other way around. I love ideas, both from outside (through reading, watching, listening) and from inside. I get some of my best ideas while writing. I set myself at the table and just write whatever comes into my mind, but with the intention to open my mind far enough to let new ideas pop up.
The first time I did this seriously was nine years ago, and back then I wrote a few letters to myself every day. But since I don’t like to repeat myself (how often have I said that in this blog?!), this time I choose a different format. I try to keep track of my thoughts: every thought is written in a separate square. And I don’t try to explain how I get from one thought to another. Of course, my time is limited, so I have to write in short parts in between other activities, often less than half an hour. But circumstances should never be an excuse for (not) doing anything, and in this case it is easy to take the circumstances as a help. Of course, I would love to write all day without interruptions for a year or two. But I don’t think I would get better ideas in such circumstances than I get now.
Actually, I haven’t got much good ideas so far. But I don’t want to give up so early. I want at least to write 100 pages, and if possible more, to give this experiment a fair chance.
This ”book” is not for publication, of course. Not that I would mind if anybody read it, but it is just not worth being published. I can write more interesting books than this. This is meant as an experiment for private purposes.
I don’t think that I will publish more of this experiment in this blog, but maybe I will make a zip file when I am finished and upload it to some share side.
The earlier writing experiments worked out better so far, but also back then I often wrote for days without getting one single idea that was worth remembering. I have most of the earlier writing experiments still in a drawer, but I don’t really like to re-read it. Still, I want to re-write some of the best and weirdest ideas one day. There was one period in which I could give any idea the full benefit of the doubt, as far as that I often had difficulties not to belief what I written down.
I don’t know how to do that anymore, my ability to give ideas the benefit of the doubt has reduced dramatically since then. So, now I have to use different methods to reach the source of inspiration.
In the previous writing experiment I was mainly trying to get to terms with ideas that I had about the end-of-time. Language, the Internet, Gurdijeff & Ouspensky, the Ouroubouros and Time were some the main subjects of those earlier writings. Here is one such story, to give you an idea how it looked. Better not read it! And, if you do read it, don’t take it serious!

I think that this was written in 2003, but there is no date on it.
I can everybody advise to do such a writing experiment at least once in your life. And here you have one reader, I ever anything readable comes out of your experiment.
Here is a song that is not only about the subject that I write about in the story above, but it is has to my ears the same ”feel”. I have no idea who sings the song. I guess I have downloaded it long time ago without any info. I am pretty sure that it doesn’t come from one my CD’s or records.