Ruth Wallis part 2

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

All records made before 1959 are copyright free. That means includes all 78’s. I have a few compilations of music from 78’s and they are so good that I wish I had more of that stuff. But somehow 78’s don’t seem very popular. At least I find it hard to find recordings of real great 78’s on the Net.

I didn’t write much about 78’s myself either. (Here and there, but that’s about it.) I still want to make CD’s of all my 78’s, but I don’t think that this will happen soon. My collection is not that interesting; I prefer to get CD’s from people with a better 78’s record collection than mine.
Today I cleaned up a section of the hard disc of my computer and I re-discovered the mp3’s of the Ruth Wallis records that I taped long time ago. After listening to the songs I decided to do a little Google search for more of this kind of Ruth Wallis recordings. I say “this kind” because I have bought several later records that the lady made, and the music is never as good as it is on the three 78’s that I have on my hard disc. The records were not in perfect condition, but I don’t care: this is the kind of music that I love to hear:

Although I did not find what I hoped for (A bunch of early recordings of Ruth Wallis made with the same band that is on the 78’s on my computer) I did find some nice things. Like this song, ”Psycho mambo”, which was in one of the best blogs that I have seen in a long time, ”I’m learning to share”.
But nothing came close to this or this:


Alan Pastman

2008-11-20 10:03:25

FYI – There are two Ruth Wallis reissue CD’s available – “Boobs -Ruth Wallis’ Greatest Hits” and “Love is for the Birds”
You can listen to these cuts free of charge at “” – CDBaby also sells both of these CDs, they sell the “Boobs” CD at a discount.


2008-11-20 12:51:44

Hello Alan, thanks for the comment! I knew that these CD’s are out. I rarely mention that kind of info, unless it is a CD that is really hard to find. But i still wonder how many of these old songs Ruth has recorded. And why they are not on CD or on a website!

Alan Pastman

2008-11-25 06:28:19

Hello frits: Actually, there were 100+ songs recorded; more were written but never recorded. Releasing all of Ruth Wallis’ songs is not economically feasible. Most of her old music exists on DATs, but the market is just not there. Additionally, let me post a correction. Most of the titles are still copyrighted. Shattinger International Music copyrighted them in the 1980’s and then transferred the copyrights back to Ms. Wallis in the early 90’s.