Yin Yang 3D

Sunday, 9 November 2008

A few years ago I began writing a “column”. Not that it was published anywhere: I made photocopies and send it to a few people that I knew. I called the column Showcase, because it was meant to show people my work. A few years earlier I had lost almost all of my work as a letterer/logo designer/writer, and I hoped to get some of that back. That never happened; I am still painting and building for a living, and actually that is quite okay with me now. But I enjoyed making this column so much that I never stopped doing it.
I make about five columns per week. The subject depends entirely on what is on my mind at the moment I make them. They are not all that brilliant, of course. But I do my best to make them worth reading. Last night I made six episodes about my 3D version of the Yin&Yang symbol. It is one of the many subjects that recur every now and then. Here is what I wrote about this 3D Yin&Yang thing two years ago:

And here is what I wrote last night:

I hope you can read it. I have been thinking to make this column available for download, but that would be extra work, and I am afraid that I will not be able to find time for that. And apart from the time and effort that it would cost me, how many people are interested in this?
I think that most people will prefer this