Thursday, 20 November 2008

I have written a lot about the esoteric aspects of Sinterklaas. None of that has been published yet, apart from a few words in this blog last year. I rewrite parts of the story every now and then, but it is still far from finished. Every now then I realise how foolish it is to spend so much time on far less interesting projects in stead of finishing the better projects that I have started, but I cannot help myself. It seems that my goal in life is to waste as much time as possible.
Last week Dolf Hell came by, because we had to decide which illustrations should be used in the Dutch advertisement records book that we are making. Dolf has done a tremendous job re-writing the whole introduction once again. I re-read it last night and once again I got exited that this subject (Dutch advertisement records) now finally gets the monument that it deserves. I could never have written this book alone: Dolf (and Pim) have done the major part of the work. And an essential part. If it were up to me, the whole project would have ended as another fanzine-like publication. Now it is becoming an almost scientific study. But a very amusing study, with lots of details that people will enjoy reading.
Anyway, Dolf took along a large box of possible illustrations for the book. Among the material that he brought along were some old magazines that I had never seen before. Dolf should start his own blog: he has far more interesting material than I have! Like this cover of Panorama:

The artist is Hans Kresse, who was one of the best Dutch comic artists. Maybe the best. I have no idea how many people outside Holland know his work, but if you don’t know his work, a little Google search will make your day.
Apaprt from the many comics, for which Hans Kresse is famous, he also made a lot of illustrations for all kind of magazines and books. I hope that one day somebody will publish a book with the complete illustration oeuvre of the man.
But back to Sinterklaas: I have written a little bit of the esoteric aspects of Sinterklaas last year but there is much more. I really wanted to write about this year, but it is already the end of November and I have not even thought of it!
Meanwhile I am also trying to finish a compilation with Sinterklaas raps. I am afraid that I will not make that this year, but here is a song from this compilation, by a guy called Omri:

If you happen to know other Sinterklaas raps, please let me know.