3D Yin and Yang thing

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

The day before yesterday, when I wrote bout my 3D version of the Yin & Yang symbol, I made some new paper dummies. I tried how it would look if I put them under the scanner, and that worked out pretty well. At least they are better then my drawings:

I want to try again to raise some interest for this thing/idea, and to try to get it produced somehow. Without an actual model it is very difficult to imagine what it is, so I made four small paper models, that i can send to people who might want to help me getting this thing on the market.
I made the models at the kitchen table, while the rest of the family was doing other things. My son asked what I was doing (he actually asked if I was getting senile, because I was doing something that grown ups are not supposed to do in his current worldview), so I explained the meaning and possible workings of the 3D Yin & Yang thing to him in as less words as possible. If you have children yourself, you know how difficult it is to show or tell them what you are doing: they usually have no interest at all in what interests their parents. To my surprise he liked it. So I take that as encouragement.
If you might know anybody who is worth sending a paper model of this 3D Yin & Yang thing to, please let me know.
For today’s soundtrack I picked one of the very few songs in which the symbol is mentioned. It is by Donovan and it is called ”Yin my Yang”: