G. Luzietti

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

I try not to show things that are already on the Net. Of course I do sometimes. But this blog is meant to put my best stuff on line, so I try to concentrate on things that I have not heard or seen anywhere. The problem is that there is too much of it.
Today I re-discovered a map with 50’s and 60’s tourist booklets. I do no effort to collect these, I just but them when I find them, and only when they cost less than an euro. I guess that there must be thousands, if not more, of such booklets and flyers. And there must have been printed in large amounts, so they are not rare, neither do they have any value. But man, what a beauties!
In a rather uninteresting booklet with Italian recipes, published by ENIT (the Office National Italien du Tourisme), there are 18 little colour illustrations (and also a few black&white ones) made by G. Luzietti. You should think that everybody would want a collection of booklets like these and that the Internet is flooded with blogs about this kind of stuff, but I actually find very little of it.

One of the best compilation series with obscure Italian records that i know of is Mondo Hysterico.

I am not sure how many Mondo Hysterico LP’s have been made, but I have the first three volumes. It are all recordings from scratchy 45’s from the 50’s and 60’s, from all possible genres, but with a high R&R factor.
Here is a track from volume one: ”Yuri Gagarin” by Johnny Mondo.