Wednesday, 29 October 2008

There are so many advertisement records that I have heard or seen only once in my life. Lucky for me and you I most often bought them right away, but I regret all the records that I did not buy. Especially because I wasted my money on other records, that are now available on CD, while all these advertisement records are still collector’s items. Well, sort of. I don’t have the impression that there is a large group of people interested in this material, because in that case there would have been compilation CD’s. Or is this too much logic for this mystery?
Here is such a one-of-a-kind finds:

It looks like an ordinary calypso EP, but it is an advertisement record for Heineken’s beer.

There are four songs on the record, all specially written for this occasion by Rupert Grant, better known as Lord Invader.
Heineken made several records for the Dutch market, but they are not half as good what this EP by Lord Invader. That makes me wonder how many other advertisement records Heineken has made in other countries. The only company whose advertisement records are compiled on a CD, as far as I know, is Coca Cola. But there is so much more! If you would only know what I have collected over the years without doing much effort… I sure will not be the only person on this planet who likes stuff like this: