Jolita part 2

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Apart from the records mentioned yesterday, Jolita made one of the best Dutch advertisement records:

It is song called ”Jolita”, written by Manfred Mann and played the Dutch pianozem Rob Hoeke with his band.

The record has a fold out sleeve, which contains a lot of information on the musicians. It makes you wish that the real record companies had done such efforts too.

The final Jolita advertisement record in my collection (and I would love to hear it if there exist more!) is a one-sided black flexi record with music from an advertisement movie.

The record was meant for the shop owners that sold Jolita nylons. Or that did not yet sold them. The advertisement movie, that played in all Dutch cinema’s, should send thousands of Dutch female teenagers running to their shop begging for Jolita nylons. You don’t want to hear it, but here it is: