Saturday, 4 October 2008

In the plastic bag, that I described yesterday, were not only cassette tapes. There were also some souvenir postcard sets, that Omi had taken home from her vacations:

In most of these souvenirs there are ten small pictures, and most often they are attached to eachother in a harmonica form. This rather clumsy description is the result of my limited vocabulary; I am sure there is a name for these little souvenir-maps, but I don’t know it.
Apart from the 13 German souvenir postcard maps, which are from recent dates, there are two Dutch maps in the collection, from a far more older period:

The one from Westerschouwen is a nice surprise, because I spend a very dear part of my youth in this part of Holland:

The family of my father comes from Zierikzee. I had a close relation with an uncle and aunt of my father, who had a small grocery store at the Varremarkt. My parents spend their vacations there when I was young. My uncle also delivered the yeast to all the bakery’s on Westerschouwen, and my brother and me sometimes went along in the back of his old car. The smell of the yeast is still one of the best smells in the world to me.
There is not much music related to all these memories. My family didn’t care much for music. They had no records, played no instruments and didn’t sing much. So I choose for today’s soundtrack an advertisement record that is made by a company from Zierikzee, NV Thermecon.
In the early sixties Thermecon made a flexi record to advertise for their product Danko-therm: an isolation system. Many Dutch house have “spouw muren”: the outside walls had a small empty space in between them. That was for good reasons, like ventilation and regulation of moisture. But in the sixties every commercial gap had to be filled, and Danko Therm was the solution for “spouw muren”. Hear all about it!

I have two different sleeves for this flexi record. One is empty, and is a regular cardboard envelop. The other sleeve is a booklet, with an illustrated story and coupons, that could be use to ask for more information or to place an order. The question is: are there also two different records?


Red Bol

2008-10-04 06:20:05

>I am sure there is a name for these little souvenir-maps, but I don’t know it.

that would be Leporello

my wife & I used the other form (for which I dont have a name) as a birthday booklet for our second child … turned out quite nice