Borduur ceedees

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Today I worked at the place of a family that asks me to come every two months or so. I get a long list of all kind of things that need to be repaired, made, adjusted or assembled. We understand each other: I will not spend hours on something that isn’t worth it and I know what they want they want. Sometimes, with other clients, this is a problem. Some people cannot explain or make clear what they really want, they expect everybody to think as they do. But I am a very practical person, I do what seems the most logic. For example, when I am asked to hang up a painting or a lamp, I choose a position that seems most harmonious to me. But some people want to have their paintings on special places, that only they can think of. Well, that needs to be explained on forehand. I don’t like it when the work is done and the people are not happy with it. But to be honest, I usually don’t like to work for people who expect me to think in the same special way as they do without explaining it.
Anyway, I had to buy some wood, and in the nearest shop I noticed they also sold hobby stuff. While the wood was sawed I looked around and saw these:

I think the English word is “broidery”, but in Dutch we say “borduren”. That is what you are supposed to do with these CD’s. There were five CD’s in a package and they cost 5 euro. That is more than I usually pay for a normal CD, but I bought them anyway because I found the idea so weird.
“You cannot play these CD’s”, said the man behind the counter. Well, I never expected that, of course. In fact, I hadn’t even thought of the possibility. But now that he mentioned it,I wanted to know if they really cannot be played. So I tried all five.
It are used CD’s from China:

To my surprise the CD’s are full with all kind of software:

And it seems that some of it actually works! On most of the CD’s here are no holes in the centre. Right now I don’t have the time to check it all out, but hey, what a nice surprise! I have not found any music on the CD’s yet, but if I find any, I will share it with you later.



2008-10-11 14:37:57

Snel Uitzoeken!
Kan niet wachten!


2008-10-12 00:54:30

Cakewalk is a nice midi program.