True hallucinations

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

I have been mentioning my admiration for the idea’s and eloquence of Terence McKenna. That doesn’t mean that I agree with all that is saying. I just think that he is one of the most best thinkers and most eloquent speakers that I have ever heard of.
My favourite book of Terence McKenna is ”True hallucinations”. A few weeks ago I wrote that a read version by Terence himself can be heard on YouTube. I have been listening to it and enjoyed it, even while I have read the book over ten times. As with all information coming from McKenna, there are more ideas per sentence than in the writings or talks by any other person. Every time I read or hear him, I discover new ideas and insights.
Here are part 22 to 30, in which Terence McKenna reads the part of the book that fascinates me more than anything: