De Molshoop

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The book about Dutch advertisement records will not be published before the end of 2009.
The reasons are copyright and the miraculous ways in which our modern society works. I have been trying to get this project off the ground for at least fifteen years and I no longer lie awake when it will be published. I do no longer even really care IF it will be published. And there are some good sides too about all the difficulties that cause the delay: in stead of a black&white book with a cassette tape, which was the original plan, there now will be a full colour book with two CD’s and a top100 on the Net. But most of all: a lot of great stuff surfaced in the years that it took to launch this rocket.
Edith and Bart Peters of BVP records gave me an interview with Benny Vreden. It is unclear where and when it was broadcasted; Benny died in 1976, and it sounds as if it was in the early seventies. Benny Vreden is the hidden star of this project. Well, maybe I should say that this micro musical universe is a binary star system: there is Mr Sonopresse, Leo Ritmeester, and there is Benny Vreden.

You will have to wait till late 2009 for the complete Benny Vreden story, but here is a rare recording from a cabaret, that Benny Vreden organised right after the second world war. I was amazed when I heard this: it is so good! To think that this man didn’t made a career in this field… Compared to what many others made in those days, this sounds extremely fresh and original.
Here is the tune of the De Molshoop, as the theatre was called, because it was located in bunker. Benny Vreden himself explains it in a few words: