Met blijdschap geven wij kennis

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Among the Dutch reli records, that Pieter Dorrenboom sent me a few days ago, are also some LP’s. The LP, “Met blijdschap geven wij kennis”, made by Jo Smit & Maarten de Groot, turned out to be a real treasure within this genre.

I already had another LP by this duo, and that is a spectacular document too, but this LP is even better. The lyrics are hard core Christianity, but far more original than any other record that I have heard in this field. The voice of Jo Smit is a bit cabaretesque, and the electronic organ, that Maarten de Groot plays, tops it off in a way that is rare for Dutch reli music.
Here is a song from this LP, and I could have picked at least four other songs that are equally as good:

Here is another song, to prove what I am saying:




2008-10-21 03:08:14

Jo Smit and Maarten de Groot belong to the best in the genre. I completely agree.
Today I’m going to a record and book fair in a church (organized to pay for it’s restoration) I hope to find some of this kinda records


2014-12-25 21:18:37

Do you know “KOm binnen, blijf niet buiten staan”. Amzing. By the way: I am interestedin a copy of the record you mention of Jo and Maarten