Bij de les

Friday, 20 February 2009

Aris de Vries works for a magazine that is made for Dutch schoolteachers. The magazine is called “OWG info”. I just finished my 6th column about records that Aris asked me to write for the magazine. (More about that a next time.)

Together with Pieter Dorrenboom I also make a little comic for “OWG info”. Working with Pieter is a great pleasure: my scenarios are often not really a joke. But when Pieter makes the drawings I could even quote a random page from the telephone book and still come away with it.

I wish I didn’t have to say it again, but Pieter STILL hasn’t got his own website. He has to eat free meals form the Salvation Army three times a week because he doesn’t get enough work, but somehow Pieter doesn’t see the relation with the fact that he has no website.

The “OWG info” magazine is a monthly publication. But we have no contract and we never know if there will be a next issue and/or if we will be in it. And apart from Aris we have no contact with anybody of the editors or publishers. I kind of like that. It are the perfect circumstances for just doing whatever comes to mind.