Kerst 2008 part 3

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Yesterday a package arrived with the things that I left at the house of my love’s parents, in Dusseldorf, where we spend Christmas last year. I left there my copy of “The time travellers wife” and some Kladblog pages that I made there. I had completely forgotten about that, so I was surprised to see them. There were also some forgotten Droomkastelen in the package, that i made in Dusseldorf:

The Kladblog pages are not that interesting, but I show them to you anyway. I started this project November 2009 and it is still very much alive, although it is constantly changing form. The original idea was to publish it, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore. I just use it as a sketch- & scrapbook for ideas & drawings:

I have bought some very nice German advertisement records in Dusseldorf in the 25 years that I come there. But the past few years there is hardly anything interesting to be found anymore.
Here is a flexi record that my favourite Dusseldorf band made as an ad for their CD:

It is a record made by the hiphop band Die Fantastische Vier, and the LP was/is called “Die Vierte Dimension”. In German a flexi record is called a ”Schallfolien”.

And here is a more dated German picture paper flexi record:

The song is written by Bruno Adler, but it is nowhere mentioned who’s playing it.