Sunday, 8 February 2009

I have issue #6 of the Russian flexi record magazine named ”Krugozor.”. It is the size of a 45 rpm record, and it contains 6 milky white double sided flexi records.

”Krogozor” is made after the same receipe as the French ”Sonorama”. On the Krugozor records and in the articles, most is English spoken. So, I guess this was propaganda for foreigners. When you read this audiozine you get the impression that Russia in the sixties was heaven on earth.
Here is an article about Russian Cosmonauts:

And here is an article about the joy of physical labour for college students during their summer vacations:

I wish I had the complete collection of Krugozor. How many issues have been released? And were they al in English? And did all the issues feature such weird recordings like this ?




2009-02-08 04:15:31

This was more than a little disturbing. Strange and interesting material. What does the page show?


2011-09-12 15:25:03

Hello. This is an interesting item since, as far as I can tell, Krugozor was usually only in Russian language – I wonder if this one was a ‘special’ English edition or if there was a parallel series in English?


2012-11-02 03:15:08

Krugozor magazine was usually issued only in russian. They made it between 1964 and 1992. On this website you can see the covers of every issue, view PDFs of every issue, and hear the music published on the different issues :


2013-04-10 18:25:19

I have an English-language issue of Krugozor, complete with flexi-discs, which was produced specially for Expo 67 in Montreal and was sold at the Soviet pavilion there.


2013-04-14 04:14:24

I would like to hear from anyone with further information on the Expo 67 edition of Krugozor.


2015-02-04 17:53:48

Hey! that’s very interesting! Do you have more info about tha issue? I writing a podcast about music and propaganda and I would like to know what kind of music you could find in these magazines, etc. I don’t speak Russian and it’s very difficult to find info about that in english!