Thierry la Fronde

Saturday, 28 February 2009

Here is another record with a tune of a television series that I loved to watch as a child:

My brother, who is three and a half year younger than I am, remembers a lot more of the television series of my youth than I do. In fact, he remembers far more of my own youth than I do. Much of what I remember from my first ten years is from what my brother told me. Here is YouTube video of the intro of Thierry la Fronde, which in Holland was better known as “Thierry de slingeraap”:


The tune was composed and played by Jacques Loussier.




2009-02-28 05:51:45

Thierrry also from my youth. After school we played Thierry , with an old nylon from my mother. But I don’t remember de slingeraaP, maar de slingeraaR. So? I’m curious now! René