Analog Africa

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Among the Cd’s that Tonio sent me is also this Analog Africa release:

As far as I remember I have only mentioned the Analog Africa CD’s twice in this blog, but the project deserves more attention. I have no idea how much soul and pop CD’s come from Africa, but I don’t buy many of them. Somehow I am not into the sound of this continent. Sometimes I like one or two songs, but when I listen to a whole CD I usually feel my attention drop soon.
In the eighties I was involved with the first attempts to promote pop music from other continents in Amsterdam. I made flyers and posters for deejays who played that music and for some of the first world music festivals that were held in Amsterdam. There must be some of the posters left, but I am glad I don’t have the time tonight to go and search for them. I mainly remember the empty dance floors. Back then I thought this music was truly horrible and I believed that the interest would soon fade off. Ha!
I still don’t like to listen to most of the so called world music, but there are exceptions. The Analog Africa CD’s are great. And it sure helps to see the video’s that go along with some of the songs. Here is one; there is much more on YouTube and on all kind of blogs!



2010-02-13 23:38:42

In that case you just HAVE to check out Voodoofunk. Read this post, about how Frank goes record mining:

And download the first mix that came out of this trip:


2010-02-14 09:54:22

Wow, great song and great clip.

I’m glad I haven’t heard anybody use the term “world music” in a long time.