More Shad and more Lottergirls

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I haven’t mentioned my parents much in this blog. My mother died almost twenty years ago, so there is not much news to tell about her, but my father would be a great subject for a blog. He fell from a ladder about fourteen years ago and lay in a coma for several weeks. To everybody’s surprise he came out of that coma, but at his age and with the brain damage he had, it didn’t look good. He recovered better than everybody had suspected, but he never came close to what he was before he fell. From then on, he became a constant source of unexpected events, that caused him to end up at the intensive care at least ten times. Somehow I feel no desire at all to write about my family, but I often think that it would be a great story.
Last week my father fell and broke his hip. He stayed in revalidation centre at that moment, where he recovered from another broken hip. He’s now in a hospital in Harderwijk; visiting him means that I am six hours from home. The only good thing is that I get to read a lot of books and draw a lot of Shads. Today I found three free newspapers and half a magazine in the train. The ones I draw in a train are the best. At home I tend to think too much, and that is no good.

I bought the CD by Lottergirls, which I mentioned yesterday, in a second hand store not far from our home. I told the owner that I liked the CD very much and he asked: ”Want some more then??” He had a box full of this CD! So I bought them all. Here are the Lottergrils with ?””Renegade”:

If anybody wants a copy of the Lottergirls CD, just ask.



2010-02-21 23:52:31

These Shad photo alterations are hilarious. It reduces everything to the farce it actually is. It also has a pretty weird effect!

Hope your dad recovers well.