Thursday, 25 February 2010

The character Shad is inspired by the idea of ”shadow people”. In the Art Bell Show this was a big item about ten years ago. It never became clear what the exact definition of ”shadow people” is, but I picture it somewhat between aliens and ghosts.
Whitley Strieber, Carlos Castaneda and all the other authors, that wrote about beings that exist in twilight zones, influenced my thinking heavily for quite a while. I never really believed what they said, but I couldn’t say that there were telling nonsense or lies either. But by the time the idea of ”shadow people” became popular I had already decided for myself that these non physical beings don’t exist. That is: I think that they are figments of our mind, projected outside our mind. This brings up the question if they are ”real” or not, but that is a too long subject for now. I think that our shared reality is always by everybody (unconsciously) used as a projection screen for our ideas, fears and imagination. It is very difficult to see through our own projections and to see Reality as it really is. When I had my first glimpse of Reality I was shocked by how much I had been projecting upon it all my life and, consequently, how twisted the view on Reality of other people often is. There is hardly a way to even begin to describe the difference between Real Reality and what-we-make-of-it.
When I see a newspaper picture, there are infinite ways to add something that completely changes the “reality” shown on that picture. Shad is my (conscious) projection on that situation, but it doesn’t take much effort to imagine that everybody is always (unconsciously) projecting things on their situations.
I probably should use a bit more words to describe this idea, but what keeps me from doing this is that I have some bad experiences trying to explain this idea to friends. It can easily been taken as an offence, as I painfully experienced several times. I certainly don’t mean it that way! If I have any intention, it is to point out how much profit there is to be gained from freeing oneself from one’s unconscious projections. Carl Jung named these projections our ”shadows”, and that is great way to see this phenomenon. It are indeed mental shadows. Just think of the movie ”Sixth sense” to get an idea of how wrong we can interpret our reality.
One of the recent free songs-of-the-day that Winamp offers, is a nice song called ”shadow people” by a band with the name of Dr. Dog. Some of their songs are very Beatlesk, so be warned.