Knust en Kras

Monday, 15 February 2010

Knust is a stencil workshop. It was founded in the eighties; I remember buying Knust publications and productions back then at Atheneum and Fort van Sjako. I didn’t understand much of it, because it was more art than I could handle back then, but I love how these full colour stencils looked and smelled, and they were not expensive anyway.
When I got in contact with Alfred Boland last year I was surprised to hear that he has been of the founders of *Knust and is still working there!
A few weeks ago Alfred asked me if I could do a lettering for a poster for an Extrapool event:

Last week, when I was in Nijmegen for the Slim Tarra project, I had a short stop at the Knust shop and bought a few goodies. Two CD’s (with stencilled packaging) and a full colour stencilled magazine called Poupi whoopie:

Here are two random pages from the zine that hopefully give you an idea how beautiful this stencil work is:

The CD´s that i bought are both from the BromBron series. One is electronic mucis by Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers, and the other one is made by Radoud Mens & Jaap Blonk.

Jaap Blonk produced all the sounds on his CD with his mouth, with no electronic processing of any kind. The compositions were made by Radboud Mens. Here is a track from this cool CD, named “Kras”:




2010-02-16 08:37:02

Everything in this post is cool again. I like the poster, the nipple art, the cd covers and the tune. Amazing. Although I like the track best when there’s little to tell it’s all oral. The grunts kind of break the mood.

So you can do full color photographic stuff with a stencil machine?

red bol

2010-02-16 11:16:57

Yes you can, although the third scan from the Poupi book ( is offset I think (the book mixes printing techniques) You can see clearly what is so appealing in the stencil technique: its the roughness.