Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Marthy Coumans sent me a CDr with 45’s from Russia, all recorded in between 1965 and 1972:

It is a strange compilation. It sounds as it is pop music from a slightly parallel universe. Marthy explained that the bands are more like orchestra’s, often with over fifteen band members. And the songs were carefully written out, and recorded at a low volume, as if it were classical pieces.
Here is one of my favourite songs:

Unfortunately there are no band names and titles available.
Speaking about parallel universes, I am reading this book at the moment:

It is a great story, with many technical details that make science fiction so fun to read. Michael Crichton describes a famous quantum mechanical mystery in the book that is described in every physics book. But he does it better than it is doen in any physics book I have read so far! Here are some excerpts from the book: