Terence McKenna

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Terence McKenna has been of enormous influence on my thinking. But most of this happened long before I started writing this blog, so his name is rarely mentioned here. I have been trying to draw a portrait of him, but until yesterday, the results weren’t worth showing. Yesterday I got the idea to “write” his hair:

While doing a recent Net search on Terence McKenna (if there is ever a dead person going to show up as a digital ghost it will be Terence McKenna!) I found this real cool portrait drawn of him by Robert Venosa:

I still haven’t found the recordings of him reading his book “True Hallucinations”??. I once read that these recordings do exist.
Apart from his eloquence, his brilliant and original ideas, his dedication to his quest, I probably was most of all touched by his complete honesty. And when he knew he was going to die, he showed some rare courage. Here is an interview that was done with him just before he died:




2010-02-21 15:58:06

Wow. I absolutely LOVE that portrait. Wonderful idea to use words seeing as McKenna was such an adept wordsmith. I’d wear that on a t-shirt (that’s meant as a compliment.) Great stuff.


2010-02-21 16:09:39

Thanks for the compliment! If it ever becomes a T-shirt, i will sent you one.


2010-02-23 04:11:55

You can download True Hallucinations from just about any torrent website.

low quality

high quality


2013-08-20 00:07:22

Hi, I like your portrait of Terence Mckenna, do you mind if I use it (in a shrunken cropped version) for when I quote Terrence on my site, ?

Please let me know via my email.