Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The sayings that I wrote on the walls in the advertisement agency office in Dusseldorf, came from employees. But to make it a bit more interesting, I was asked to create a character, that shows up here and there on the walls.
I was asked to come up with a character only a few days before I went there to do the job. I first thought that it was not a good idea to change plans on such a short notice, but I got the idea for the character almost immediately and the idea that I could paint it all over the place seemed very appropriate. And fun. I have mainly painted him on places that are a bit out of sight. Some will probably never be discovered at all.
Here are some sketches:

And here are some picures of the result:

I gave the character the name ”Shad”, because the original idea was that he should be somewhat shadowy. I have no idea what to with this character, but it feels as if he will live a little longer than was intended. This morning I saw a picture in the newspaper that begged for a second career for this character:

And since I had to spend four hours on a train today, with three free newspapers available, i came home with this:

To be continued!



2010-02-18 00:26:59

Shad is great! We want more!!
Shad shad shad shad shad shad…