Thursday, 4 February 2010

Some time ago I wrote about my disappointment with the e-readers that are on the market: for around 200 euros you get a machine that has no colour, can read no comics and no extra functions. So, when a few days ago Steve Jobs presented the iPad for Apple, I got several mails from people about this gadget.
I have no idea if this is what I want, but it sure looks much better than all the other e-readers I have seen so farso far. (Although Rob sent me a link to another e-reader that I would like to hold in my hand. I am afraid I cannot give you that link here and now, but I will come back to that later.)
Here is a portrait that I made of Steve Jobs:

Some years ago (six?) I got one of these white 30gb iPods as a present, for a painting job that I did for somebody. He bought it for me in New York, when these things were not yet available in Holland. I hardly used it, apart from using it as a external hard disc for the old computer that I used back then. I prefer a simple life, with as little as machines as possible. Before I buy an iPad or another e-reader, I must be sure that it can do what I would like to do with it. And basically I want to listen to podcasts, read blogs, e-zines and e-books while I am on a train. But i can very well do without, so I am not in a hurry.
Here is another 45 from the pile that Milan Hulsing sent me some weeks ago. It is a promo record for ”Tunnelvision”

“Tunnelvision” apparently was comedy movie, made in 1976. But considering what happened after 1976 this record sounds more like a prophecy:



2010-02-04 21:44:36

I like iPad-man! Net als Pac-man: mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac mac …


2010-02-05 07:10:30

Yep, it was the Nook, courtesy of Barnes & Noble

There are also others, such as ones by Sony etc., incl. ‘pocket’ size ones with a 5” or similar-size screen. Not sure if those are any good.



2012-04-15 19:44:52

Is there a possibility you could repost the tunnelvision single? It seems that the link is broken.


2012-04-16 09:52:55

@ Alad: the link works again!


2012-04-18 05:00:06

Aw, nuts! I thought it was the b-side with the theme song that you posted in the link! X*D~

But judging from the quality of the rip of the a-side, it’s a way better (and WAY much cleaner and sharper) sounding vinyl rip than the 160kbps copy i found over <a href=“”>here</a> a few hours after i posted the request – that copy sounded like it had been played a lot and got a bit dinged up. Not even click or denoising filters worked on the file to make it sound somewhat presentable.

Oh well, i’ll just have to keep looking, i s’pose.

Chris Sobieniak

2013-09-27 20:02:35

TunnelVision kinda follows the same mold as The Groove Tube or Kentucky Fried Movie in being a parody of TV, movies or other pop culture of the day. It might seem prophetic giving where the entertainment world would become as we see today. No doubt nobody expected an Arnold Schwarzenegger film to be made out of the premise seen in “The Pregnant Man”. This was pretty edgy stuff for 1976 of course, but then, so was the writing of it’s day through such publications as National Lampoon or the underground comics that dominated a culture away from mainstream media.

“Aw, nuts! I thought it was the b-side with the theme song that you posted in the link! X*D~”

I would’ve wanted it too! I use to wear out my VHS copy of the film (itself a crappy EP-mode recording) over and over just to hear that song! The movie poster isn’t bad either if you don’t mind ‘toilet humor’.

Oh, and in case someone still needs to convinced of the film’s prophetic abilities (dated references aside)!…

Philly Bob

2015-11-05 22:15:37

I managed to get Tunnelvision on DVD complete. They must have found a real good print because this one is flawless. But I also have this record. It too is pretty much mint. I actually liked the National Anthem they used!

Philly Bob

2015-11-05 22:16:20

The Anthem in the movie… not on the record! :)

Dave Plues

2020-04-19 19:42:51

What does the tunnel vision record flipside side b look like please send me a picture of it. What does it sound like. Is there a way to get a copy of side a & b. Please get back to me soon. Thanks.