Thursday, 11 February 2010

Not only on records are there people mixing up the religious heaven with the heaven of space and rockets. The idea that these both heavens are actually one and same goes way back and shows in many variations. I have never seen a book about this topic, but I would love to read it.
The people that built the Great Pyramid seemed to have had the idea that when we die, under certain circumstances, we are reborn as stars. For all kind of reasons I like this idea. But over the years the idea changed a little in my mind. I like I think that we all are already stars and that our physical body and all of the life on Earth is some sort of projection. The idea that we are stars having a physical experience here may sound absurd, but I remember that one night in 2000 I lay awake puzzling about all this and suddenly I felt something thatI can only describe as a shift of consciousness: one moment I was a body thinking about stars, the next moment I was a star, vaguely able to remember that I was also a body lying in bed. Since this all happened in my mind, it cannot be taken seriously, but the feeling of being a star, surrounded by infinite emptiness and having a complete different perspective on Time and everything, still stands out in my mental photo album as one of the highlights of my life.
Last night I read in the book of Barbara Hannah that Carl Jung had a similar experience and that it impressed him also very deep. I wonder how many people have ever felt to be a star? And what to think of this idea? What keeps me from exploring ideas like these is that it is all so far way from ordinary life. It doesn’t make you a popular person when you drift of too far away from the culture in which the people around you are embedded.
During the period that I seriously toyed with the possibility that we are stars having a human experience, I noticed how often people literally say this: people want to be stars, they adore stars, stardom is a modern religion. Our language and our culture seems to have countless references to the idea that we are stars. On a mainstream radio station this idea is literally mentioned in many songs, although it is meant in a different way than I do. Or isn’t it?