Necropihila (part 2)

Friday, 5 February 2010

For quite a while I have an interest in maps from an artistic viewpoint. I often small reproductions of maps in magazine or newspapers that appear to me as interesting abstract artworks. I have not yet an idea what to do with this, but is sure is on my list of things-to-do. Here are some examples of such images that I cut out of a magazine yesterday:

Although I have little to no interest in road maps (I prefer to get lost), I do have a fascination for imaginary maps and especially for of maps-of-the-mind. Today I have no time, but I will sure come back to this subject later!
Mark Reeve once sent me photocopies of a great article on a society that did explorations of cities using the maps of other cities. You can imagine how this works: it is a much better way to get to learn a city than using the right map. I couldn’t find the article, but I will post it when it shows up.
To prove that I try to keep my promises, is here is something else that I promised to post, the song about necrophilia, sung by Adele Bloemendaal and written by Hans Dorrestein, ”De kerkhofganger”. It from the LP ”Adele’s keus”, which is one of her best LP’s ever. I don’t think this song will have gotten a lot of air play: