Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Here is a record that makes me happy:

On one side the steps of the foxtrot is explained for ladies, on the other side for men.
The record is made in Belgium, and the beautiful accent is one of the main reasons why I like it:

The explanation in the book of Michael Crighton, which I shared with you yesterday, is just one version of what quantum mechanics says about the Universe. It talks about the idea of branching universes, which has been made popular by Everett. This idea says that in every moment there are infinite parallel universes being created that are (slightly) different form the one universe that we experience.
I prefer the version where all these parallel universes already exist. In this idea there is nothing created, it is all there, it has always been there. What we experience is not so much a Universe, but a ”movement” through all the possible universes. To say we do or create anything, would be wrong: something moved through the Multiverse, and this movement creates the illusion that there is change, creation, choice, etcetera. But, according to this idea, everything is already there: we only experience a movement though all there is. This movement could be called Time, but it also known as Consciousness. Of course, this is also known as the Light. Our life is like a path though the Multiverse. In science fiction this is sometimes called Timebody, or a Timeworm, or a Timeline.
When I first grasped this idea, I was overwhelmed. Not only did it seem completely true, it also seemed breathtaking beautiful to me at that moment. It would explain everything that had been puzzling me, and it would make life nothing but a way to HaveFun. Nobody never “did” anything, nothing could be “destroyed”, nothing “died”, it was all always already there. The here & now is some sort of magical light show. But after a few weeks the idea slipped through the holes in my mind; only on occasions I can still “feel” it, the rest of the time I can at best remember it. Most of the time the illusion (if this idea is right and Life is indeed an illusion) is too strong for me.
Illusion or not, I am sure you want to hear the other side of the record too. So, here it is:




2010-02-10 18:43:48

Just a thought – although it should be little – less time & timeless are close and yet so far apart.


2010-05-24 12:01:07

…like grains of sand on the beach. Every grain being a possibility.