Tuesday, 22 February 2011

About a year ago i made the designs of some couches for the new school where our doaughter goes to. A friend, who was restyling the interior of the Bijlmerpark Theater, asked if i wanted to make designs for similar couches, that would get a place in the lounge of that theater.
Because “multicultural” is the key word in this theater, i made collages of all kind of prints that have an association with certain countries and cultures. Here is one of the designs:

This was a no budget project, but i got 75 euro from the woman who had the supervision. One day she asked me if she could take me to the theatre to look at the result. I was happy to see that it had all worked out well.
Here are the pictures that she made for me:

On our way home (in her car, because i don’t have a drinving license) it was raining. The area, which is a pretty deserted place anyway, looked like a ghosttown. Suddenly there was a policecar before us, which signaled us to stop. The police officer told us that we had neglected a person who wanted to cross the street, so she was giving us a fee. I was flabbergasted, and so was the lady behind the wheel, because if there was indeed such a person, he or she had all the time to cross the street after we passed, because there was no traffic at all. And i really hadn’t seen anybody, and neither had the driver. But the police officer was not the kind of person to argue with, so we sat back waiting untill the document was filled in. To our shock we had to pay 160 euro. I was pissed for two days. This is insane! I consider my self rich, but even then 160 euro is a whole lot of money. There are weeks when i don’t earn that much! When i googled this situation, i found out that the reason that this fee is so high, is to protect pedestrians, who have little rights in the traffic. Might be, but it is also a very easy way to get a lot of money from good citizens like me and the woman that was driving.