FaceBook friends (part 9)

Friday, 11 February 2011

So far two people wanted to become my FaceBook friend just to get a portrait. That makes the project a strange race: i try to do one portrait per day, but i get about three new friends each week.
I don’t send all the protraits to the owner of the face. I don’t know all my friends and i have learned that not everybody is pleased with what i have drawn. It doesn’t hurt me when people say they don’t like the drawing, but it is pretty amazing what words they use to say this. This part of the project is probably more interesting than the portraits themselves.
Hugo Hoes said he might want to write something about the project. That would be cool, although i am not very proud about half of he portraits. Certainly the drawing i made of Hugo Hoes himself was quite horrible. So i made a new one:

Here are some of the new portraits:

Jan Kooi:

Anke Hennink:

Karin Schimke:

Elda Dorren:

Susanne Marx:

Ilse van der zee:

Arjen van Bochoven: