Ed Veenstra

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Ed Veenstra sent me a large box with all kind of stuff: toys, vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s and things that need more words to describe, like this bag:

It it is very handy gadget: a bag that can record sounds. Didn’t you always wanted this? I do. Unfortunately the bag doesn’t work (and believe me, i have tried!), but still it is one of those things that pleases me to no end.
And how about this little box:

Sorting out all the music that Ed gave me will take a while. If anybody wants a CDr with the highlights, he or she will have to wait till i have the time to make it. At the moment there are some other things that are higher on my agenda. But to give you a glimpse of what you can expect, here is one LP that was in the box:

This is a part of the back cover:

Most songs on the LP are instrumental but of course Arlene Tiger is singing too. Her voice reminds me of that of Monique van de Ven, who sang a song in the movie “Sil de strandjutter”.
Here is Alene Tiger:

And here is a trailer for the movie:



2011-02-21 02:15:20

Hoi Frits,
Dat is dan de eerste die het niet doet verdorie!. Zal nog een ingesproken zakje nasturen.


2011-02-21 16:43:50

Ed, je bent gek. Een recorder handbag die NIET werkt is ook bijzonder!