Sunday, 13 February 2011

A few weeks ago Milan Hulsing asked if i wanted to make some drawings for a friend of his. There were some drawings of instruments on a record sleeve that he wanted to use for some project, but the drawings were beyond photoshopping them back to use:

It took me quite some effort to come up with these drawings:

Milan said that the drawings were okay and i forgot all about them, untill two days ago a package arrived with a double LP in it:

This is a project of Sublime Frequencies. My drawings where nowhere to be found on the record, and Milan never mentioned that it was meant for Sublime Frequencies anyway,, but i think it has to do with eachother. Probably they decided not to use to drawings but to send me a record nevertheless.
I know Sublime Frequencies, of course. And i think i would have bought this Pakistan sampler anyway. But getting it this way is much cooler.



2011-02-14 11:46:25

Sorry hiervoor. Ik was er al bang voor dat hij op dat moment niet helemaal wist wat hij nou wilde. Ik heb wel gezegd dat het voor SF was. Ik dacht dat jullie er onderling verder over zouden communiceren. Misschien dat het wel in de CD versie komt? In elk geval jammer dat heb zo is gegaan. Maar blij dat je de plaat hebt. Ik hoop hem ook snel binnen te krijgen.